Golf and the Market…

I just finished a round of golf with temps in the 90s and a hot sun beating down the whole time.  At first it seemed pleasant, a beautiful day for golf all exclaimed.  The SPX as +7 handles on the turn when I was in the club house for lunch.  The round started off well, but the heat and sun took a toll.  I got lazy on the swing.  The heat bore into my self-confidence.  The numbers started to add up, I could not deny the deteriorating conditions.  The pins started to look further and further away, more difficult to achieve without a little kick here, nudge there and drop over there.  I could not drink enough water to quench my thirst.  It was a hot, sweltering round of golf that bore into you with each hole – kind of feels like the market today.


* It is all about the network stupid, because it is all about compute. *

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