July 2011 Tech Earnings 1.4: JNPR

I will update this post in the morning, but we have JNPR up after the close.  I posted a copy of my JNPR chart below.  This is a pretty big earnings event for JNPR coming after the mid-quarter sell-off. The stock is below all the key MAs (50, 150 and 200).  It is basically trading on the 20MA and above the 600MA. If you are JNPR long, you need to be adding to your position at this level hoping that stock reacts positively after the report thinking that instead of selling off after the report, the leadership team induced a pre-report sell off without pre-announcing.  If the leadership team guides lower and the stock breaks the 600MA that would be a problem.  GM guidance will matter.  Stock continues to hold the trend line from the March 2009 low.  I think a beat and raise would get the stock to $34, but a lower guide and this stock will see $25.


* It is all about the network stupid, because it is all about compute. *

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