Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) #2

This is a small add-on to the post I had on CDNs a few weeks ago.  GigaOm had a post on Cotendo using Equinix data centers to scale their CDN business.  What I find interesting about this strategy is it provides another method for service providers and in this example a startup CDN to leverage network infrastructure to build-out and scale up a CDN service.  In my prior post I focused on companies using new network appliances to deploy a content deep strategy which mimics the capabilities of larger CDNs.  I think that is one of big differences in the world of Web 3.0 from Web 1.0 and I summarized that difference by stating that “….content deep networking strategies, increased fiber penetration and software based network controls (e.g. ADCs in virtual form, cloud based SLA controllers, etc) that enable the end-user to control the network access point in a world of state aware apps and real time content is not the best environment for companies that provide solutions intended to improve the inefficiencies of the network.  In other words, companies that created value by improving or fixing the network may see less applicability if the network requires less fixing and less improving.”  I would add to that the ability to scale up a service in vast amount of cloud based infrastructure deployed in the last ~5 years has an adverse effect on the value of the service.  Just a thought heading into the weekend, I could be easily incorrect.


* It is all about the network stupid, because it is all about compute. *

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