Router Upgrades Gone Wild

Another week and another story about router upgrade failures and the crazy world run by people from Harry Potter.  My favorite quote from the following links here, here and here is “core dump.”  Anything someone uses the phrase core dump and routers in the same sentence, the outcome is not likely to be a good.  At the recent Open Networking Conference Amin Vahdat of Google gave a presentation and slides 3-4 are very applicable to router failures.  Here is what was on slide 4:

I am on the edge of my seat when:-         A link fails

–         I perform a switch software upgrade

I pray to my favorite deity when:

–         Multiple applications try to share the same network

–         I add a new customer to an existing network

I don’t even bother trying to:

–         Expand my network fabric

–         Set a security/isolation policy

–         Migrate a virtual machine

–         Enforce a performance isolation

–         Use traffic engineering

–         Introduce a product from a new vendor



* It is all about the network stupid, because it is all about compute. * 

** Comments are always welcome in the comments section or in private.  Just hover over the Gravatar image and click for email. ** 

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