Notebook 03.13.12: Datacenter, Equities and HPC for Wall Street

I have been sans posts for the last week.  I did write a long post on the evolution of datacenter and broader network architecture.  I think it came in around 2.2k works, which is long for a blog.  I shared with a few colleagues and it stirred up some interesting responses and the consensus was to wait and post after integrating reviewer comments.  On a rainy Saturday I thought some bookkeeping was in order:

Tech Field Day Networking Event: I spent part of the past week listening to presentations from a number of companies.  I really did not see anything new, just more of the same.  I hope ONF 2012 is not the same as ONF 2011.  Presenters should be banned if they reuse an old presentation.  Back to TFD, I thought the event was interesting and clearly geared towards a technical audience; I am really disappointed in the vendors – not the TFD team.  Innovation seems dormant and no amount of science projects and Crossing the Chasm buttering will take the place of bold innovation.  I will take another look around on Monday in NYC, but ODM hardware + Openflow does not = innovation.

RIMM: What is there to say that I have not said before?  Prior posts are in the RIMM category.  Missing a product cycle really sucks.  I thought the other day that maybe they should just focus on the keyboard market for smartphones and uses who want to use BBM.  It looks like it will go the way of Palm.

APKT, BRCM and FNSR: I am recently long all three of these stocks.  If there is really an uptick in orders for optical stuff, I think inventories are lean and FNSR should work.  I like the product cycle at BRCM.  APKT is the biggest risk.  If NA CAPEX is better, APKT should work and I think there are a lot of lazy shorts in the stock right now.

Old Trading Instincts: Back and forth with a few buysiders during the past week has led me to trim overall gross exposure to equities.  It feels like correlations are breaking down and after the best Q1 since 1998, I feel better being less exposed to equities because theUS economy in Q1 2012 does not feel like theUS economy in Q1 1998 or even at the end ofClinton’s first term.

I am off tomorrow to NYC for the Flagg 2012 High Performance Computing Linux for Wall Street conference on Monday.  Looking forward to seeing many of you at the show on Monday, I will be in town for drinks Sunday night.


* It is all about the network stupid, because it is all about compute. *

** Comments are always welcome in the comments section or in private. ** 

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