What does…

Six sales calls of which two were multi-hour product demonstrations as well as side meetings, dinners, and driving between SFO and SJC four times equal?  Tired.  Now I have the hardest one hour wait, which is the hour I have to wait till the flight home departs.  It is not the redeye that is especially difficult, it is time waiting for the boarding process to start that seems to make time slow.  I had an amazing couple of days in SJC/SFO talking data center architecture and SDN with prospective clients, industry luminaries as well as colleagues in fellow SDN startups.  The last few days will be time we all look back on as the most fun in the life of a startup.  I was with a great team rushing from appointment to appointment, lugging a SDN network in a 200 pound from location to location.  At one customer, they even came out to the parking lot to look at the equipment in the back of van to see if it was real before we lugged it to a lab twenty miles up the road.

Now it is time to change coasts and check in with team at headquarters.


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