SDN This, SDN That, SDN Everywhere…

I was not planning to blog this week as I have plenty of other content to produce, but sometimes the urge to blog is difficult to ignore.  Here are some links to posts I have been reading over the weekend and today:

– SDN: 5 Things CIOs Must Know

– Big Switch Webinar this week with the Packet Pushers team

– The Great SDN Divide

– Responsible SDN – Seeking Sanity Amidst the Hype

SDN Washing…(note I think I wrote about SDN washing SIX months ago, which means I must have been early, timing does matter)

I am not in disagreement with any of the postings I linked to above.  I would just say that I am looking forward to the SDN conversation moving beyond a discussion of northbound interfaces, device configuration protocols like Openflow and stepping stones like overlay networks.  When we are ready to talk about the network as system and SDN as complete, integrated network system — not a collection of parts or reinvented processes, I am all in.


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