Notebook 01.24.13

On board the train heading out of a cold NYC.  Had a super cool day at the Oktay Technologies SDN conference.  They had an A-list line up of speakers with the CEO of Arista, Martin Casado of Nicira/VMware and others.  I presented yesterday’s blog post in PPT format.  That is enough networking for the day.

I made some tweaks in the portfolio this morning.  I went long a bunch of equites just after Thanksgiving: AMT, VMW, CTXS, GOOG, LNKD, CCI, GLD with some shorts sprinkled in too.  Any time CNBC puts a countdown timer on the screen, I take the opposite side of that trade.  I still have all the positions from late November with the exception of CCI.  I closed out Crown Castle today for a 300 bps gain.  Overall the portfolio is up a little over 700 bps in January.  The gold position is sucking, but I am keeping it as a hedge.  I want to put more capital to work but I have not figured out where to put it yet.

BTW…I liesten to all kinds of music, but right now I think the Zac Brown is just awesome.  I trying to lengthen my attention with yoga and meditation and I find all sorts of thematic support in the music from the ZBB.  Dinner and concert!


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