Updated: July 2013 Market Call

Ahead of the NFP, I prefer be short the SPX and YEN and long VOL.  I am going to look for some stupid strong GOLD day and will short GOLD when I see it.  I think GOLD is going to $1000.  Regarding my prior post on the carry trade being blown up and the change from duration to economic targets and what this did for gamma…blah, blah…read this article on Bridgewater interest hedging.
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Guest Post: Technology Is Not Destroying Jobs Poor Policy Is

The following is from my friend and former investment manager Doug Rudisch.  The essay has already been reblogged on ZeroHedge.com  I asked Doug to post it to my blog a few weeks ago when I read an early draft.  Even though it is now replicated on few major financial sites, I thought it was worth posting here for the technology focus.

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