Deflategate and the Absence of Malice Dilemma for the NFL

There is an enjoyable Sidnay Pollack movie called Absence of Malice. The plot of the movie is about an investigation of a murder and how press leaks are used to manipulate people via public opinion. As I watched the Deflategate drama unfold over the past few weeks, the whole affair reminded me of this movie. No one has died and we are not talking about Federal crimes, but from the coverage of the affair a person in another country not immersed in our football culture, would think we were discussing high crimes against the state. Continue reading

Amateur Analysis of 31 Years of the NFL Draft

Do you have that annoying friend who absolutely hates your sports teams? I am describing the person who sends a weekly barrage of emails full hate and over indulges in schadenfreude when your team loses. I have that friend and he is a Miami Dolphins fan. I am a Patriots fan and season ticket holder for more than twenty years. The Tom Brady era has been toxic for the Miami Dolphins and the AFC East in general. This toxicity manifests itself in a weekly barrage about Patriot cheating, film crews, playbook theft, hometown refs, video recording innuendo and general hatred towards Bill Belichick. Continue reading