Echoes from Our Past: The Journey Begins

** This post and others labeled “Echoes from Our Past” are not technology related.  I am not blogging about equities, networking or SDN.  If you are looking for a post on those subjects, please stop reading as this blog will soon return to regular subject matter.  **

Echoes from Our Past posts are a diversion for me.  I enjoy writing, so much so I have finished an unpublished novel, yet I cannot decide to self-publish as a complete novel or release in serial Dickensian form using a blog.  This is my attempt to put myself in the place of my 3rd great grandfather who answered Lincoln’s call for 300,000 volunteers in July 1862.  At the age of 35, he left his farm in Lyons New York and went south to meet other men in battle.   Continue reading

A River’s Role in History Never Ends

My ONS 2013 trip started unexpectedly on a sad note.  I was inbound to SFO, sitting on a Virgin America flight working on my computer when I first saw the tweets that there were explosions in Boston near the Marathon.  I scanned through the TV channels, but there was absolutely no coverage of any news out of Boston for at least ~20 minutes.  I was able to link to the marathon finishing line cam and when the picture came through it was full of emergency response people, no crowds, no runners and a lot of chaos.
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Echoes from Our Past #1: Antietam and the Vacant Chair

The inspiration for this post came during an early morning ride to the airport.  I was flying to the west coast and on the way to the airport I was listening to an article on NPR about the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam.  When I was younger, I spent a decade reenacting the American Civil War on the weekends.  I caught the 130-140th cycle, I was a man in the ranks in a handful of movies and productions.  Over the past decade, family and work have taken then toll on my free time.  I am not complaining; I just miss the diversion.  I travel a lot, I blog, I email, I tweet, I am constantly on the go for work. Continue reading