State of Digital Culture in 1993 and Today

I think it is a good habit to look back and validate a thesis, offer a critique or spend some time examining why we thought X about Y after a reasonable period of time has passed.  I read this post from Dan Kennedy a few years ago and I was planning to write a blog post about it in 2014.  I forgot to write the post.  While I was sorting my sock drawer and cleaning up my browser bookmarks during C19 pandemic quarantine, I came across the bookmark and reread article and decided to write the long-delayed post.

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Hallway Conversations and Peer Reviews – Circa 2014

A question I am often asked by people outside of tech industry is: why do I use Twitter and what is it good for? Most people think that Twitter is good for following athletes, musicians and actors. Now that Google Reader is gone, it has for the most part replaced my RSS reader application. I consume news via Twitter. I actually like that I can choose to tune in or tune out. Continue reading

Notebook 12.18.12

The last few months have been a blistering pace at Plexxi and it has impacted my time to write.  Writing is important to me as it is my method of thinking in depth without the interruptions of email, calls, text and tweets.  Outside my window a Biblical rain is falling and I have Zac Brown playing.  As with past notebook entries, here is collection of topics I have been reading and thinking about over the past few weeks.
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Working Thoughts on Social Networking: #1 A Framing Exercise

Between my first blog (Tech & GeoPolitics) in 2006-2007 and SIWDT, I have written on and off about social networking.  I am by no means a social networking expert, but I have been using email since 1990 so I am experienced in communicating with people in electronic form.  I have also been Facebook free since February 2011.  I tweet a few times a week and I have a profile on Linkedin.  I have written various things about social networking in the past and most of it was speculative and humorous in nature.
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